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Renovation of the flat: why are walls so important and which ideas can be applied?

Walls may play a crucial role during the change of the design. Not only they determine the borders of particular apartment, but also may create the atmosphere of the whole place.

Dyes have an influence on the people’s frame of mind in the space. The walls should be coherent with the general design.
It is natural that kids’ chamber is frequently more vivid than the another rooms at home. But it does not mean that sitting room or bedroom must have boring, uniform walls. A huge variety of wall decorations is accessible in internet shops. As a result of that, the modern designs like some geometrical figures may be placed on the wall, but also more delicate motives – like plants, polka dots or lines. The other interesting choice is a mural. That composition can picture some landscape, the beauty of Mother Nature or the things like limousines or everyday appliances. Wall murals are not difficult to apply and they can have various sizes. Online shops propose vivid murals for kids. Here the well-known cartoon characters are shown. It is possible to place the mural on just one of the walls – the other three can remain regular. The advantage of this picture is the great quality and durability. The sunlight will not make it fade. Murals may be quite realistic.

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wall murals

Autor: Ruth Hartnup
During redecoration of the flat, the walls should be included.

The modification of their colour can make the whole room more cosy and vivid. It is worth remembering that not just furniture and appliances can create the atmosphere of the place.

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