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Why is the external wall insulation that crucial while erecting a house?

Depending on the thermic insulation parameters of the walls, their dimensions and the way of warming the building, warmth worth many thousand zlotys annually can escape from the house.


Autor: marja kingma
For numerous investors, this is a sufficient argument to consider insulation of walls.
In most situations, the walls may be isolated in a fairly easy manner. It is true that restoration will entail considerable expenses, but the outcome will be not only smaller heating bills, but also increase the esthetics of the house. If the building was still constructed in the previous system, it is quite clear that it requires thermo-innovation. But external wall insulation may also be needed in structures erected later – when during the contruction the layer of insulation implemented was too light. In both cases, the renewal is supposed to be preceded by a thermal analysis. This is a study overseen by specialist companies, allowing not only to establish how much warmth escapes from the building, but also to exactly indicate places that need particular attention. The segment of the analysis can also be the thermovision verification. The next move is to choose the way of insulating the walls. At this stage, various investors are thinking which insulation to choose. The huge majority of buildings in our country is insulated with styrofoam or mineral wool. Both materials are characterized by comparable thermic insulation qualities.

An alternative to wool and foamed polystyrene are polyurethane or polyethylene foams. Because of the rather high cost, they have not yet acquired much recognition, although they have several benefits.

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